Release times

12 September 2023

Hello everybody!

This fall and winter, several projects I’ve been working on for a while will be published and/or shown on stage. I’m very happy to be able to share them with you!

New album – 1st single out

First of all, I’m lucky enough to be releasing a solo album, the first under my own name! It’s called “Colline de pierre” and will be out on November 3 on Humus Records.

In the meantime, a 1st single, Opra , already available on Youtube, is now on all platforms. You can also (re-)discover the beautiful video directed by Marie Taillefer.

And I’m looking forward to the concerts that will follow this album release! You can already save a date : October 28 at Fri-son, Fribourg.

EP Horizon Liquide

Lucky again ! 5 Horizon Liquide new tracks have just been released on Rababoo Records.

The “3arus 3arin” EP is available on Bandcamp, along with ultra-limited edition cassettes!

“Lullabies” concerts

September also sees a reunion with the amazing “Berceuses” (lullabies) team, for 4 concerts before a looooooong break (all in the french part of Switerland).

Photo : Juliette Henrioud

See you soon!

All the best