Some late summer news

15 September 2021

Hey there everybody!


Yay! Concerts! I’ll be playing my new solo project Pier in the next few weeks:

  • Tomorrow 16.09 at Bikini Test, in La Chaux-de-Fonds. /A\ – the sexiest band in the world – is playing too.
  • Friday 24.09 at Ebullition in Bulle. With also I was a child, a project about childhood, I’m looking forward to playing again in my teenage years venue!
Photo : Julie Folly

Surprises in Biel/Bienne

The great Lokal-Int in Biel organizes evenings called Kopfhörer dedicated to music and sound.
I will present a short performance and a surprise mini-edition about repetition on 07.10 at 7:30 pm.

SMEM – a bit geeky but not too much

Later in November, I will have the pleasure to answer the invitation of SMEM, the electronic music instruments center based in Fribourg.

See you on the 25.11 at 6 pm, Passage du Cardinal 1, for a presentation of my working process: basically how I tinker sounds together to make tracks.

Analog synthesizers, voices, guitars, effects, field recordings… A lot of improvisation and accidents, little technical knowledge, notebooks and wires. A bit like painting with the ears.

I’d be very happy to see you on any of these occasions!