Big Eyes Trio

Founded for a carte blanche evening offered to Laure Betris at the bee-flat im PROGR in Bern in 2018, this trio of three figures from the French-speaking Swiss scene proposes to explore the “ciné-concert” format.

The three musicians, Emilie ZoéSara Oswald and Laure Betris, interact with live images, playing original soundtracks on silent films or replacing existent soundtracks.

Their music, partly composed in advance and partly improvised, mixes genres and borrows as much from rock as from classical music, including pop and electronic music. Abrasive guitars, analogical synthesizers, percussion, cello with effects, lyrical or ghostly vocals: ingredients that allow the trio to sail freely and oscillate between melodic soundtrack and experimental sound effects.


Live soundtracks played by the trio in 2018

Big Eyes Trio

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