Concert, home made video and a creature from the lake

8 June 2021

Hi everybody!

Pier in concert

Last winter I had the pleasure to play concerts for small groups of 4 people – btw thanks for the enthusiasm, it was great – at my rehearsal place and in an apartment in Biel.

It’s now time to go back to bigger stages, especially on 01.07 at the festival Belluard Bollwerk, yay! (As the capacity is reduced, it’s good to reserve tickets in advance).

Some first impressions of this project with a homemade lo-fi video (spoiler: there’s a finger cabaret).

I also had the opportunity to collaborate with 3 talented people to take pictures with Andi, the creature-sculpture (created by Jérôme Stünzi) who accompanies Pier on stage.

Photos : Julie Folly and Aruna Canevascini. Make-up : Dîlan Kiliç

Walk in the Lavaux

The Cully Jazz Festival has initiated a project of musical stroll of 1h30 in the vineyards. There are 8 spots along the way where you can listen to pieces created by different musicians.

You need a smart phone and headphones. More practical information are to be found on the festival website.

The piece I created is about a beast that comes out of the lake at night and explores the surrounding villages…

Some of the missing ones festival

On May 23rd and 24th took place the fourth edition of this incredible festival. I had the pleasure to be part of this 100% VHS edition (the tapes!) and it was great. You can now watch excerpts of the concerts online.

And you can still visit the media library installation with all the archives of the festival at the Ancienne Gare in Fribourg until the end of June.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon!